TidWiT - About Us

Our Company


TidWiT is an innovative cloud technology leader, whose Social Learning Platform seamlessly brings together content, communities, and commerce empowering organizations with break through e-learning solutions that tear down traditional walls and help reach a wider audience of employees, customers, and partners. Through its cloud platform, TidWiT helps companies create, socialize, syndicate, and monetize their learning; and complements it with customized learning services such as content creation, localization, and delivery.


Who we are?

TidWiT was founded in 2003 and built on the principle of quality content and corporate learning in the digital age. We owe our success to our clients, many of whom we have been fortunate to have for many years. And even though we are a relatively small-sized firm, we have been able to compete with much larger counterparts through our network of partners and associates in the US, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia- all of which has given us the required quality, scope, and scalability.

How we do it?

This lean business model has provided us with a competitive edge and more importantly the benefit of being closer and more adaptive to our clients' growing needs. Looking forward, our goal is to continue making a distinctive and substantial impact on our clients by providing them with an expanding set of services at a rarely matched value.