Case Study: International Youth Foundation


Central to achieving its vision on a global scale has been IYF's intent to build — from the ground up — an international network of organizations working to ensure that youth anywhere on the globe could receive a quality education, learn the skills needed to get a job, and ultimately become engaged in their communities. Recognizing that no one sector of society alone has the resources or expertise to effectively address the myriad challenges facing today's youth, IYF has mobilized a global community of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations — each committed to developing the power and promise of young people.

Since 1990, 54 public and private sector donors have invested US$163 million to maximize the impact and reach of youth development programs. In all, IYF has provided grants to 332 organizations in 86 countries



Delivering a comprehensive, engaging, and effective entrepreneurship learning curriculum to reach and meet the needs of a vast network of youth in the Arab World, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent.


The learning solution that TidWiT delivered was based on its pedagogical experience using both e-learning methods (content development, blended learning, and graphics) as well as TidWiT's Social Learning Platform to disseminate the course globally and create far-reaching learning communities around its content

  • TidWiT's content development team received base guidance from IYF's team and then proceeded to lead the development process end-to-end. Videos were filmed onsite of regional entrepreneurs to give a localized flavor of the training with sessions recorded in both South Africa and Lebanon.
  • The curriculum courseware was developed using SCORM standards and deployed complex simulations by using such web development tools as Flash and HTML. Developed material included engaging case studies, simulations, exercises, and online Q&A knowledge checks making sure students thought through the material.
  • Engaging on line galleries of content were created as course supporting material. The courseware and content was all syndicated online seamlessly on IYF's web site, which is powered by TidWiT's Social Learning Platform.


Organization Size: 100+Employees, 175+ active partners, in 78 countries.

Organization Profile: Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) was born with a mission to prepare the world's young people to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens.

TidWiT Services Rendered: TidWiT helped IYF build a blended learning curriculum to train youth on entrepreneurs hip and to publish it on TidWiT's Social Learning Platform for syndicated online global access.

Region Served: Baltimore, Maryland, USA, The Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.



TidWiT's successful curriculum development provided IYF with an engaging blended learning environment that could be delivered onsite or remotely via TidWiT's Social Learning Platform. As a result, the courseware will help thousands of youth in the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent launch entrepreneurship initiatives

" TidWiT did an excellent job translating our vision and content into a quality e-learning curriculum for youth.Throughout the collaboration, TidWiT demonstrated a high level of expertise in creating effective e-learningmaterial, showed a real willingness to work with us as a thought partner, and delivered on time. We recommendTidWiT to companies and nonprofits who are looking for a partner with a creative vision, excellent technical capacity, and the ability to work together as a team. "

Lindsay Vignoles, Program Director, IYF


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