Case Study Pet Partners


From manual processes to state-of-the-art within weeks

Pet Partners, formerly Delta Society, is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal therapy, activities and education. Today, Pet Partners is considered the nation’s largest and most prestigious nonprofit registering handlers of multiple species as volunteer teams providing animal-assisted interactions. When the organization needed to transform paper-based volunteer training and in-person workshops to an online format to accommodate their 11,000+ volunteers across the United States, they turned to TidWiT, an innovative cloud tech leader.



Across the United States, more than 72 million families experience health benefits by interacting with their pets—benefits Pet Partners helped establish through scientific research and that it continues to promote. Every year, around 11,000 volunteer therapy animal teams visit more than 1 Mio people in hospitals, hospices, retirement facilities, rehabilitation centers, schools, libraries, prisons, and other facilities. With training and registration for its volunteer therapy animal teams ever on the increase and expanding in geographic scope, Pet Partners needed to transform their student manual training from a home study format and in-person workshops to an online format in order to provide 24/7 availability year-round, training, and registration to their thousands of volunteers around the United States.


Pet Partners needed to do this transformation and integrate it seamlessly from their existing website, but did not wish to invest in hardware, software, or added bandwidth. As a small non-profit with limited resources and no IT staff, they preferred to look for a vendor with content experience and a cloud platform on which to seamlessly host all the new media and training content. They decided to work with Virginia based TidWiT for its e-learning experience, its innovative Exterprise™ Platform, and its overall value.

Over a two year period, TidWiT helped Pet Partners onboard 18,000+ users to the new Exterprise™ Platform. The platform provided Pet Partners with e-learning and media bank capabilities, which allows them to post online courses, assessments, certifications, videos, documents and images, all with immediate 24/7 global access. Volunteers benefit from community functions such as ratings and comments with full social media integration through Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and more. In addition, TidWiT's Exterprise™ Platform provided end-to-end e-commerce functionality from payment processing to direct bank deposit – helping Pet Partners process more than USD $500,000 of content and learning transactions through the Exterprise™ Platform.


Organization Size: 25+employees, 11,000+ volunteers

Organization Profile: Pet Partners is a non-profit organization that brings people and pets together, improving their health and enriching their lives


Services Rendered:

  • TidWiT’s Exterprise™ Platform
  • Content Development:
    • Online Courses
    • Knowledge checks
    • Assessments
    • Registration
    • Supporting Media

Region: Global


"With their creative approach and technical savvy, TidWiT delivered state of the art online courses with room to build on for the future –a very cost-effective solution for our program. TidWiT really helped us arrive to the 21st century. Without their technology we wouldn’t be where we are today."

Dianne Bell, Program Manager at Pet Partners


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