e-Learning Demos & Simulations


TidWiT has developed Demos and Simulations to help clients train their own customers and employees on using new tools, applications, and technologies.



Demos typically provide a step approach to learning by walking users through easy to understand scenarios captured with either audio or with text captions to explain the different steps. With Demos, user Interaction is typically limited to pausing and repeating sections within the demo. Demo's can either be published online or compiled for distribution on CDs or memory sticks …


Simulations are demos that provide a rendition of a complex setting that cannot be ported otherwise. Examples of this could include architectural fly by renditions, how to operate certain complex plants, but also application simulations, which provide a hands-on environment for users without the need to install the actual application. For instance, users can click on parts of the screen as if they were using the application and even enter text … Pre-captured content within the simulation adds to the virtual reality of the user experience giving the real impression of usage and yielding strong pedagogical results. All of this provides companies with the benefits of time savings, risk reduction, and change management cost alleviation. Examples of such simulations is available on our renderings website, which can be found here.

When it comes to Demos and Simulations, TidWiT can help clients by providing them end-to-end services, from demo conception to development to compilation and publishing.

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