TidWiT Exterprise allows the end-to-end multi-tier channel sale of content

Does TidWiT Exterprise provide a built-in commerce engine?

TidWiT Exterprise provides a full featured commerce engine, which allows organizations to sell content on their Exterprise instance—be they documents, courses, assessments, or other. Combined with TidWiT’s powerful content syndication engine, multi-tier channel sales of content can occur seamlessly. The proper calculation and clearing of royalties to the different parties in the channel are all handled automatically in the backend by TidWiT.

What type of content can be sold through a TidWiT Exterprise instance?

Any type of content can be sold on TidWiT Exterprise including videos, documents, white papers, e-books, courses, and assessments, among others. Once priced to sell, end users would not be able to access the content without going through a purchase, which can be realized either via a Credit Card or via PayPal.

Does TidWiT provide a built-in shopping cart?

TidWiT comes fully equipped with built-in shopping cart functionality.

Does TidWiT provide integration with Online Payment Processors and Merchant Banks?

Processing payment is easy with TidWiT, which comes integrated with some of the largest online processors including First Data, PayPal PayFlo, IATS, and Authorize.NET. An organization needing to process payments for content can use any merchant bank it wishes, which is certified by these processors.

Are TidWiT transactions secure?

TidWiT transactions are secured behind 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. All transactions are PCI compliant. TidWiT does not keep any credit card data of purchasers.

Does TidWiT Exterprise provide commerce reports?

Yes, TidWiT Exterprise commerce reports include aggregated as well as detailed data on what specific content items were sold, to whom, in which geography, at which price point, and with what frequency. Reports include end-of month accounting and royalty reconciliation reports. Other reports include:

  • $ Sales by Geography
  • Quantity Sales by Geography
  • Top Items Sold by Sales Amount
  • Top Items Sold by Quantity
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, or specific date Purchases
  • Average Sales Amount
  • Total Purchases
  • Transaction Report
  • Content Item Report
  • Aggregate Content Report