TidWiT Exterprise™ community features can be fully syndicated.

Does TidWiT provide community features?

Yes, TidWiT allows users to comment, start discussion threads, and provide ratings for any piece of content on an instance.

Are the community features on TidWiT or do they run on any other social media platforms?

TidWiT provides its own community features. However, in parallel, TidWiT also integrates seamlessly with other Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Can anyone start a thread on a Discussion Board, and can anyone reply to it?

Yes, anyone registered on the instance can start a thread, and any other registered user on that same instance can comment or reply to it.

Can community activity on TidWiT be measured?

Yes, TidWiT provides metrics on community activity such as: Views, Likes, Stars, and other measures.

Can Discussion Boards be moderated?

Yes, Discussion Boards can be moderated by any administrator on the instance.

Can anonymous users leave comments or rate content?

Only registered users of an instance can engage in community activities such as comments and ratings. Anonymous users do not have the ability to leave comments or rate content. A registered user can rate a piece of content only once.

Are community features and metrics available for syndicated content?

Yes, instances syndicating content can have users comment on and rate the syndicated content.

Do publishers have access to syndicated content community activity?

Yes, Publishers are able to access aggregated reports on syndicated content views, comments, ratings, and discussion threads.

Does TidWiT share community activity of a piece of content between different partners?

No, partner instances are walled-off. Each partner can access only the metrics of their own community activities.

Can TidWiT obtain metrics from other Social Media sites embedding or sharing content on TidWiT?

Yes, TidWiT is integrated with and dynamically receives data coming from Facebook, Google +, and Twitter on activity related to TidWiT content.