Content Management

Managing your content on TidWiT is easy and quick

How can content be uploaded to TidWiT?

Content can either be uploaded manually or dynamically through API integration with the content source be it a Content Management System (CMS), a Learning Management System (LMS), a Portal, or a Website such as YouTube or Microsoft MVA.

What kind of content can I upload to TidWiT?

TidWiT Exterprise supports multiple types of content including Images, Pdf’s, Microsoft Office documents, Audio, Videos, SCORM courses and Assessments, You Tube videos, among many others.

How can I organize the content?

Content can be organized by instance, section, libraries, and multi-tier levels of sub-libraries.

Can I add any content to any library and can one piece of content exist on multiple libraries?

Yes, any content piece can be added to any single or multiple libraries simultaneously.

Can a piece of content have supporting or related content pieces?

Yes, a content piece can have one or multiple supporting content pieces. It can also have one or multiple related content pieces.

Can I pull entire libraries or playlists from YouTube onto TidWiT?

Yes, TidWiT is seamlessly integrated with YouTube, and you can pull either YouTube Channels or Playlists; and they will become dynamically connected. All videos would continue to reside on YouTube.

Where will my content be stored?

The answer depends on whether the content is being syndicated or uploaded to TidWiT. If it is being syndicated into TidWiT, then the content will continue to reside where it currently is (For example on a CMS, LMS, on a web page, or YouTube…). However, if the content is being uploaded to TidWiT it will be stored on TidWiT's infrastructure.

Is there a limit to how much content I can store on TidWiT?

Content limits are governed by each of the respective TidWiT subscription plans.

Can I restrict access to my content?

Yes, you could restrict access allowing only gated access (meaning the content is not for anonymous access). That way only users with the proper credentials can have access. You could also restrict access to those with a special Access Code, without which content cannot be viewed.

Can I charge customers to access for my content?

Yes. The TidWiT Exterprise Commerce and PayGate solutions allows organizations to charge for content viewing and for payments on royalties to clear straight into a bank account.

Can I classify or sort the content the way that I want to?

Yes, content can be classified through description, keywords, dates, language, author … It can be searched for through any one of these mechanisms. Sorting the content can also be configured to include the Most Viewed, or the Most Recent, Price, or by Name...

Is there an easy way to get access metrics on the content?

Yes, TidWiT can help you see who has viewed the content, when, how often, and through which partner channel.