Custom Look & Feel

TidWiT Exterprise™ makes it easy and quick to customize The Look & Feel

Can the Look and Feel of a TidWiT instance be customized?

Yes, the color scheme and styles of any TidWiT instance can be customized in terms of the banner, the footer, the buttons, as well as the coloring of the background, the task bars, and the text.

Who can customize the Look and Feel?

The administrator of a TidWiT instance would have the credentials to customize the look and feel.

Does an administrator need any specific knowhow or design tools to change the look and feel?

No specific knowhow or design tool expertise is needed. It is fairly straight–forward and quick to alter the color schemes of the Look and Feel. It is all done through Site Settings in TidWiT’s Control Panel.

Can partners customize their look and feel?

Yes, partners can customize their look and feel if they own their instance.

How many Look & Feel templates does TidWiT currently offer?

TidWiT offers one standard look and feel, which is currently being expanded.

Does the TidWiT interface abide by Responsive Design standards?

Yes, TidWiT’s interface is based on Responsive Design.

Can I use iFrames to publish on another website?

Yes, TidWiT provides iFrame functionality in Site Settings>Publish:

Can I embed a single piece of content on other sites?

Yes, TidWiT provides an embed code to embed any piece of content on another site.

Can I develop a non-standard Look and Feel of a TidWiT instance?

Yes, however, it would require the use of the TidWiT API as well as possibly integration and development work.