Integration with YouTube

TidWiT's built-in integration with YouTube boosts the distribution of Video Content through an organization's channel.

Does TidWiT provide built-in integration with YouTube?

Yes, TidWiT has built-in integration with YouTube. TidWiT libraries can dynamically pull video content from YouTube playlists as well as channels. TidWiT’s integration automatically pulls all the metadata as well as the images and fully utilizes YouTube’s player.

The content pulled from YouTube channels and playlists is dynamically connected, which means anytime a video is added, edited, or removed from a YouTube channel or playlist, the TidWiT libraries get automatically updated with no manual intervention. Customers utilize the TidWiT-YouTube integration to save on both manual upload time, update time, as well as cost savings on video storage.

Why would my organization need TidWiT Exterprise if we have a YouTube Channel?

TidWiT complements basic YouTube functionality with powerful content syndication to empower an organization to distribute these videos (in parallel) through its partner channels. With TidWiT, is it very easy and quick to create partner instances pushing YouTube videos. Not only does this give an organization a broader reach for its video content, but as importantly it provides detailed metrics as to which channel the views are coming from. In addition, TidWiT complements videos with other content types, such as documents, courses, assessments... etc.