Learning as a Service

TidWiT delivers end-to-end Learning as a Service (Laas)

What is Learning as a Service?

Learning as a Service (LaaS) is an online service that provides organizations with a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) together with learning content.

Does TidWiT provide a Learning as a Service solution?

Yes, one of TidWiT’s Exterprise platform key benefits is its ability to provide Learning as a Service to its customers.

What are the typical components of a LaaS solution?

A Learning as a Service (LaaS) solution comes with a cloud-based Learning Management solution that supports SCORM learning standards for courses and assessments, provides community learning features, commerce capabilities, libraries of content from one or multiple publishers, as well as reporting capabilities. In addition to these features, TidWiT Exterprise provides multi-tier syndication—meaning, the ability to push LaaS out through partners and downstream to customers.

What is different between Learning as a Service and traditional Online Learning?

There are two major differences. First, typically traditional Online Learning is provisioned via Learning Management systems that sit on-premise, requiring hardware and software to be installed and bandwidth to be consumed. In contrast, Learning as a Service (LaaS) is provided on the cloud and can be turned on in a matter of minutes. The TidWiT LaaS solution makes it easy and quick for organizations to offer online Learning to their communities of users, saving them on hardware, software, and bandwidth. Second, aside from the learning platform, LaaS typically comes included with online learning content (courses, videos, assessments…), all of which could be provisioned dynamically without any need to upload content.

What are salient features of TidWiT’s Learning as a Service solution?

TidWiT provides support for any type of learning content, including SCORM, webinar recordings, video tutorials, as well as assessments and certifications. In addition to this, TidWiT provides white labeling, content syndication, commerce, community, and reporting features, all of which make it a unique and leading proposition in the LaaS marketplace.

How long would it take for me to have my LaaS instance available on TidWiT?

Once setup, it becomes instantly available.

Can I sell courses and certification on my TidWiT LaaS instance?

Yes, TidWiT provides full commerce functionality, allowing you to have an online store, cart features, and credit card processing, all meant to help you sell your courses and certifications. TidWiT’s Paygate allows for proceeds to clear automatically to your bank.

Do you already have repositories of content that I can tap into?

Yes, TidWiT has content coming from large content sources, particularly in the IT space, from known vendors such as Microsoft and CISCO.

If I am a Microsoft partner, what are some Microsoft learning resources that I could tap and syndicate straight into my instance?

Microsoft resources include learning repositories such as MVA, Channel 9, as well as Open EdX.

If I am syndicating learning content via my TidWiT LaaS instance from a vendor, do I have to get ALL the content or can I curate?

TidWiT allows you to do both pull entire libraries of learning content or curate and publish specific content.

If the learning content that I am syndicating is for sale through my LaaS instance, how do royalties clear?

The partner would make the sale on the TidWiT LaaS instance, and then fulfill the payment of the appropriate royalty to the publisher in the backend. Each publisher gets weekly reports of their learning content sold via TidWiT.