It is simple for an administrator to manage and syndicate libraries to partners.

Who can manage libraries?

An administrator with the proper credentials can create, edit, and delete libraries in Manage libraries in the control panel.

What are some of the attributes that can be customized for the libraries?

The icon of the library, the look and feel of the library, as well as the sorting of the content within the library can all be customized.

Can a published library be unpublished; and how long does it take?

Libraries can be easily published and unpublished; and the commensurate result is instantaneous.

Can libraries be placed and sorted within a section?

Yes, an administrator can place a library in any section; and custom-sort the libraries within a section.

Can libraries have sub-libraries?

Yes, libraries can have an unlimited amount of sub-libraries, all organized hierarchically.

Can sub-libraries be moved between parent libraries and would all the content be moved automatically?

Yes, sub-libraries can me moved between parent libraries. All content within the moved library would be moved with it.

Can a piece of content be placed in multiple libraries?

Yes, any piece of content can be located in one or more libraries.

What can be a source for the content within a library?

The source of the content could either be manually uploaded pieces of content or syndicated pieces of content.

Can syndicated libraries contain content that is not syndicated?

No, syndicated libraries can contain only syndicated content.

Can I post multi-lingual content in the same library?

Yes, TidWiT supports multi-lingual content, all of which can be placed in one library. Searching for it, however, may require choosing the respective language of the content.

How long does it take to create a library and import videos from a YouTube channel?

TidWiT provides integration with YouTube and content can be pulled instantly into a TidWiT library. (For more information reference Integration with YouTube).

How often does a syndicated library get refreshed?

TidWiT is constantly refreshing syndicated libraries 24/7/365.