Online Learning

TidWiT supports Learning course delivery, syndication, as well as monetization.

Can I publish learning courses on my TidWiT instance?

Yes, TidWiT supports learning courses in multiple formats including Video formats (for recorded webcasts), SCORM v1.2 (for interactive courses), as well as HTML5.

Is there a limit to how long a course or assessment can be?

There are no limits as to the length of either courses or assessments.

Does TidWiT support assessments and certifications?

Yes, assessments developed in SCORM can be published on a TidWiT instance. An important additional feature of TidWiT, once an assessment is passed, is to provide a certificate with a branded look and feel, the student name, the date taken, and a Passing confirmation code.

Which online course and assessment creation software tools are compatible with TidWiT?

SCORM courses created by Lectora™, Captivate™, and Toolbook™ are certified to be compatible. Other tools offering SCORM 1.2 could be compatible, but testing may be required. TidWiT is also compatible with HTML5 encapsulated courses (developed using HTML5 editing tools). For webcast recordings, TidWiT is compatible with video formats such as MPG, WMV, and FLV.

Can a limit be placed on how many times an assessment can be retaken?

Yes, in case of a failed assessment, the administrator can limit the number of times an assessment can be retaken.

Can I limit the access of a course or assessment?

Yes, access can be limited to a specific voucher code, without which the course or assessment would be denied entry. Multiple Access codes can be issued with open or specified date ranges.

Could an online course have supporting content?

Yes, TidWiT allows for supporting content to be attached to an online course. Supporting content could be any type of content that has been published on TidWiT.

Can courses, webcasts, or assessments be syndicated through a partner channel?

Yes, courses, recorded webcasts, and assessments can all be syndicated through to other instances on TidWiT. The syndicated instance, however, would need to be enabled to support Learning as a feature in order to push learning downstream.

Could Courses or Assessments be sold on a TidWiT instance?

Yes, courses and assessments could be sold through a TidWiT instance. In such a case, the Commerce feature would need to be enabled in order to provide shopping cart functionality, as well as payment processing, and reporting.

Can I offer a certain discount code within a certain date range?

Yes, TidWiT allows for discount codes either with no limited date rage or within a specifically set date range.

How can courses or assessments be paid for?

Courses could be paid for using either major credit cards or PayPal.

Does TidWiT provide community learning components?

Yes, TidWiT comes with community message and discussion boards, which allow the interaction of pupils with one another online.

Does TidWiT provide the possibility to post a Table of Content for an Online Course?

Yes, a Table of Content could be entered manually or automatically generated through SCORM 1.2 integration.

Does TidWiT allow for online feedback and ratings?

Yes, TidWiT allows course takers to rate as well as comment on an online course.

What kind of Learning metrics does TidWiT deliver?

TidWiT provides both aggregate as well as detailed learning metrics such as course registration, completion rates, passing averages, among other metrics.