On TidWiT, passwords are securely encrypted.

Is my password secure on TidWiT?

Yes, TidWiT utilizes 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt passwords. Passwords are protected at multiple levels: the webpage level (https), the application level, and the database level.

Can I reset my password on TidWiT?

Yes, users can reset their password in the Manage My Profile section (see above screenshot).

If I forgot my password on TidWiT, can I have it resent to me?

Yes, TidWiT provides built-in functionality that could resend the Password to the registered e-mail of the user. Here is a snip that shows it.

Could I use the same username and password to access multiple instances?

Yes, since instances are independent of one another, you can register and use the same username and password on different instances.

Is Single Sign-On permitted by TidWiT?

Yes, with TidWiT Exterprise, an organization can get Single Sign-On features. For more information, reference the topic Single Sign-On.