TidWiT Exterprise™ reporting is insightful and comprehensive.

What reports can TidWiT provide?

TidWiT Exterprise provides Site reports, Content reports, Learning and Commerce reports, as well as multi-tier syndication reports.

How granular are the reports?

Reports can be both aggregate and detailed. A report can be lump summed for the entire partner channel or it could be pulled on a per partner or per customer basis.

What are Syndication reports?

Syndication reports allow deep diving into the different tiers of partners. For example, a report could be viewed for all the partner metrics combined, or it could be limited to a specific partner. This helps organizations establish precise metrics as to the performance of each one of their partners and conduct valuable comparisons.

What Commerce metrics do I have access to?

Commerce metrics include Purchases (by currency and Quantity), Top Items Sold, Sales by source and geography (Both quantity and currency), year-on-year performance comparisons, transaction reports, accounting and invoice reports, sales by item, aggregate sales, … among others.

Are there reports that capture views and registrations?

Yes, the Site View report captures views, registrations, connected users, and geography of access.

Are there metrics on Social Activity?

Yes, metrics are available of Social activity such as Facebook Likes, Tweets, and Google+ posts.

Is there a way for me to know how many people have taken a course and how many have completed it?

Yes, TidWiT allows you to see course registrations and completions. It also provides certification reports.

Can reports be customized?

Yes, TidWiT services can provide customized reports to meet specific customer needs.

Does TidWiT provide the metrics in real time?

Yes, reports and metrics are provided in real time.

Can reports be exported or printed?

Yes, reports can be exported to Excel or printed.