Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

How has SEO changed?

The SEO industry has evolved drastically in the last 5 years as SERPs (like Google) have become more advanced and their ranking algorithms have changed. In short, Google now emphasizes factors that are harder to manipulate (legitimate backlinks, domain age, total visitors, etc …) over factors that are easier to manipulate (metatags, keywords, etc). Fast-forward to today, two of the top ranking factors are visitor traffic and quality backlinks. It just so happens that hosted content (e.g. a blog) is arguably the best way to accomplish both of these goals, because more people are drawn to your domain for the valuable and rich content than would otherwise be interested in your product, and good content is often linked to by other websites (product pages are rarely liked to).

What is the primary pain of SEO and how are companies trying to resolve it?

Original content is hard to create, takes time, and is expensive. As a result, companies and their ecosystems are looking for ways to share in content marketing efforts through syndication. This is how TidWiT can help.

Why is SEO important?

Maximizing search marking is one of the holy grails of marketing because it leads to a measurable increase in “free” website traffic, as opposed to Adwords which is PPC/CPC. Non-content-based SEO schemes have become incredibly tedious, time consuming, and very un-sexy.

How can TidWiT help my SEO Strategy?

TidWiT gives its customers the immediate SEO gratification they want when 3rd party content is indexed by Google/Bing/Yahoo on their domain via their customized TidWiT instance.

How is content syndicated through TidWiT different and why would it help my SEO?

TidWiT helps provide richer content and metadata and tags, all of which help improve rankings. TidWiT also provides more inbound and outbound links, which also improve ranking.

Why not just use tools like Adwords?

TidWiT does not replace Adsense in a strict sense. However, TidWiT’s organic improvement of ranking results in FREE views and conversions, rendering ad placement redundant, and potentially saving companies a ton on marketing.

How does TidWiT SEO work?

Hosted TidWiT instances (e.g. w/ vanity URL) allow companies to fully leverage the SEO benefits of 3rd party original content. You don’t have to write all the content to benefit from SEO. TidWiT’s provisioning of this functionality at scale is unique; and gives organizations an SEO advantage over their competition.

If my company and others syndicate the same content, would it not result in saturation?

Unlike a simple blog which is being syndicated (and which may fairly quickly become saturated) the SEO power of TidWiT lies in the sheer volume and variety of content that can be syndicated through the TidWiT network. Together with TidWiT’s powerful content orchestration capabilities, the likelihood of replication and hence saturation is reduced.