Search can occur on TidWiT but also could flow from Search Engines.

How can I search on TidWiT?

TidWiT allows either for hierarchical library-based searching or for Boolean Search (meaning a string of search terms entered by a user that yield relevant results).

Can I do a site-wide search for any piece of content on a TidWiT instance?

Yes, searches for any piece of content on a TidWiT instance are site-wide.

Does TidWiT have advanced search capabilities?

Yes, TidWiT allows for advanced searching by author, date range, keywords, language, or library.

Does TidWiT allow a library-specific search?

Yes, searches could be limited to a specific library in the Advanced Search.

Is search language specific?

Yes, search on TidWiT follows the interface language of the user. TidWiT searches employ an algorithm, which is language-specific grammar and uses language logic. Therefore, if user is using the English user interface, the search will yield English results. If they are searching in German, it will yield German content results.

Would a piece of content that is classified say in the French language show up in an English search?

No, searches of content will filter only the content in the user’s language interface. However, in Advanced Search, a user may choose to search for content in other languages.

How do I get my content to be searchable on Google?

TidWiT indexes content and its metadata appropriately to yield results in search engines such as Google and Bing. This process is all automated and managed by the TidWiT platform on the backend; and the administrator does not need to do anything on their part.

Would my content be searchable on Google and would it show up?

Yes, especially if the content is referenced on different pages in the site and on the Internet.

How can I improve SEO results for my syndicated content?

The more the piece of content is referenced on your and your partner sites, the better the search results on search engines.

Does TidWiT earn anything from search results or advertise through my site or through my content?

No, TidWiT does not earn anything for yielding search results on Search engines. Nor does TidWiT place advertisements on content uploaded on a TidWiT instance or through the delivery of such content. The TidWiT business model is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) and not advertising.

If I have video content on a YouTube channel, is it possible that advertising show up to my users?

Yes, unfortunately TidWiT cannot control the advertising that may appear on content, which is hosted and or syndicated from outside sources such as a YouTube channel. The way to eliminate such potential advertising would be to advise that source not to advertise (On YouTube, this may or may not incur charges).