Single Sign-On

TidWiT Exterprise™ allows Single Sign-On (SSO)

How does Single-Sign-On help?

Many users around the globe already have credentials to access online services from global platforms such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and others. The idea with Single Sign-On (SSO) is to allow these users to access other online services, such as TidWiT, with their single SSO account credentials to avoid needing to maintain multiple online credentials or to re-register, speeding up, simplifying, and securing their online access.

What end-user data is pulled through SSO?

Typically, the following data about the user is pulled through SSO: E-mail, first and last name.

Which Single-Sign-On integration does TidWiT provide?

Currently, TidWiT supports Single-Sign-On with Microsoft Accounts and LinkedIN. Salesforce and Facebook SSO are being added.

Can I integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory?

Yes, TidWiT services can provide integration options for Active Directory users.

Is Single Sign-On automatically enabled?

Each instance created on TidWiT would need its own Single Sign-On to be setup for proper tracking of usage metrics within the instance.

Can I choose, which SSO gets enabled on my instance?

Yes, an administrator can get to choose which Single-Sign-On service to apply on their instance.