Social Media

Content on TidWiT can be easily posted on Social Media Sites such as Twitter, Linked IN, Facebook, and Google+

Is TidWiT integrated with Social Media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Google?

Yes, TidWiT is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN, Google+, YouTube, among others.

How easy is it to post content from TidWiT to the different social media sites?

A simple click will post a TidWiT piece of content onto a user’s Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, or Linked IN.

Are access metrics available of social media access via TidWiT?

Yes, views, likes, shares, among other metrics are available via TidWiT.

Does TidWiT provide “Join-the-Conversation” community features?

Yes, each content piece posted on a TidWiT instance can generate threads, discussions and feedback from registered users on the instance.

Can users provide feedback and ratings on TidWiT?

Yes, TidWiT allows registered users to leave feedback and ratings for any content piece.