Syndicating Libraries

Syndicating libraries to partners is as easy as it is powerful. A single library could be syndicated out to one or multiple partners

What is a Syndicated Library?

A syndicated library is one whose contents can be delivered dynamically and seamlessly through one or more partner instances on TidWiT.

How are syndicated libraries different to work with than individual pieces of content?

Syndicated libraries could contain hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of content that are constantly updated. It is much easier, quicker, and more effective to syndicate the entire library and have it dynamically updated than to do it manually and on a content piece-by-piece basis.

Can any library be syndicated?

Yes, TidWiT allows any library of content to be syndicated.

What type of content can be syndicated through a library?

Any type of content could be syndicated in a library including videos, documents, courses, and assessments...

Who decides what content goes into a syndicated library?

The source publisher decides the contents of a syndicated library. However, a partner may choose to “unsyndicate” certain pieces of content from a library that they’ve syndicated. This of course would not affect the source library.

Can a partner add their own pieces of content to a syndicated library?

Yes, a partner can add content to a library, which has been syndicated from a publisher. The content would appear on their instance of the library, and would not affect the publisher’s.

Are syndicated libraries dynamically updated?

Yes, the minute a publisher updates a syndicated library, TidWiT automatically updates all its downstream syndicated instances. The process is fully automated saving the partners time and effort.

Is there a limit as to how many libraries a partner can syndicate to their own instance?

There are no limits. Partners can syndicate multiple libraries from one or several publishing sources. They would all appear seamlessly on the partner’s single instance.

Is there a limit to the number of pieces of content within a syndicated library?

No, there are no limits in terms of how many pieces of content can be within a syndicated library.

Is the process of syndicating libraries complicated?

The process of syndicating libraries on TidWiT is fairly simple. It involves two steps: The first is for the publisher to designate the library as syndicatable. The second is for a partner to accept to syndicate said library on their own instance. Once the two steps are taken, TidWiT creates and locks the syndicated connection for dynamic updates.

Could a publisher choose to syndicate a library to only a select group of their partners?

Yes, a publisher could limit the partners who can syndicate a library.

Can I decide to stop syndicating content whenever I chose?

Yes, both publishers and syndicating partners can decide to stop syndicating a certain library at any point, in which case syndication stops instantly.

Can I syndicate a library that I myself am syndicating from a publisher downstream to my corporate customers?

Yes, TidWiT allows multi-tier syndication. For example, a partner can syndicate a library from a publisher as a first step; and then turn around and syndicate it to one or several of their corporate customers.

Can I customize the look and feel of a syndicated library?

Yes, a partner may choose which section a syndicated library shows up in, its name, gallery style, display options, as well as sort type.