Channel Partner Content Syndication to Empower Your Partners and Create New Revenue Streams:

TidWiT's state of the art Exterpriseâ„¢ Platform, allows your hi-tech firm to syndicate its content and publish it through your partner- base utilizing monetized, advertised, or pro bono business models. Through TidWiT's Exterpriseâ„¢ Platform, you will not only have the ability to publish content on your own sites, but also through your approved syndicated partner sites. More importantly, you will be able to trace end-to-end metrics, enabling you to understand what is happening to your content, who is pushing it, and your desired ROI when it comes to your digital content strategies. TidWiT provides this web service end-to-end on the cloud, with a seamless interface into your existing systems (look and feel, registration, payment mechanisms, and more); and provides this functionality and scale at a fraction of the cost (not to mention headaches) typically associated with on-premise solutions.