Exterprise Features Syndicated Learning to Train and Certify Employees, Partners and Customers:

An integral part of TidWiT Exterprise™ is a learning solution allowing hi-tech companies to syndicate online training and certification through their partner channel all the way to end customers. TidWiT provides clients with all the features needed to publish, disseminate, socialize, and monetize learning content. Hi-tech companies can now get a higher Return on Investment (ROI) as a wider audience of partners and their downstream customers engage through syndicated learning with social features such as feedback, ratings, discussion tables, threads, and comments. TidWiT's ability to help monetize this learning is an additional boost to your ROI, as previously untapped learning revenue is generated through the sale of this content—and it all happens seamlessly on your Exterprise™, which can seamlessly be integrated with your website.