HTML 5 Content Migration Services


With the proliferation of mobile devices, phone, tablets, and PCs- on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android, it has become crucial that an organizations' content be compatible across these platforms in a seamless way to the end-user. No matter what the device, organizations large and small are looking to have their content investments provide the widest audience and the furthest reach.

TidWiT provides end-to-end migration services to assure clients that their content can be ported from proprietary development environments to an open one based on HTML5. So whether content has been developed in Flash, Silverlight, Flex, or JavaScript; whether the content is

animation, video or online SCORM courses; and whether the content will reside on a website, LMS, or TidWiT's cloud platform, TidWiT can help clients migrate this content to HTML5, which is considered by most to be the future of online content publishing for its powerful, simple, consistent, and open standard.

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Case Study:

International Youth Foundation

TidWiT's HTML5 services include unwrapping the legacy content or code, transforming it to HTML5 and graphics, testing, and readying it for client republishing it. For a full success story, please access here.