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TidWiT's Exterprise™ platform boosts cloud marketing and sales by empowering your channels to syndicate dynamic and rich content.

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The traditional way of publishing content using static portals no longer provides the needed efficiency or dynamism that organizations are looking for to grow their business. TidWiT Exterprise™ is a state of the art cloud-based SaaS solution, which enables your organization to syndicate any type of content – sales, marketing, onboarding, learning, or support - and publish it dynamically to your sales teams, distributors, resellers, and customers.

With TidWiT's Exterprise, you not only have the ability to publish content on your own portal instance, but to simultaneously replicate it to a vast number of other portal instances. TidWiT empowers your organization to boost marketing conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, lower support costs, and monitor end-to-end usage metrics to help you obtain the highest ROI for your content.

"Mate, this is AWESOME! Your concept takes what I do, puts it on steroids and dresses it up all fancy: I want it now!"

Wayne McGlinn, DDLS, Australia

Enable Your Sales Team with Rich and Dynamic Content

As the world of business grows increasingly swift and complex, keeping your sales team up-to-speed with the latest information about your organization’s products and services will prove to be crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately, physical solutions (brochures and booklets) and basic digital one (traditional websites and portals) are proving to be too slow, static, and impersonal for the needs of sales teams. They are asking for dynamic and rich content whose updates don’t take time away from their busy sales schedule and whose content can be specific to their target customers. Introducing TidWiT Exterprise™ Sales Enabler, a cloud-based SaaS solution, which dynamically provisions and updates rich content to sales team members. As HQ assures streamlined sales communications and content, each sales executive can now have the relevant content being dynamically fed to their personalized web instance or app directly with no effort on their part. Instead, they can focus on preceding, enriching and perpetuating their face-time with customers.

"I just wanted to give you some unsolicited feedback on Disti Tour and all your efforts on this to support the field. From a usually rather pessimistic BG, I had them tell me yesterday that this is singularly the best delivered piece of work stream content in terms of the timing (early enough to build into plans and execute) and quality of content. Thanks for the way you have worked with them to bring the tour to completion."

Sue Hogg - Director of Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

Onboard Your Channel with Powerful Multi-Tier Syndication of Marketing, Sales, & Support Content

With TidWiT Exterprise™, your organization can easily pull rich content from multiple publishers and push it downstream to customers. Deploying a TidWiT Exterprise instance literally takes minutes. TidWiT Exterprise provides your organization with its very own branded environment hosting thousands of pieces of rich content and learning.

A key customer, Canvas, is a global SaaS company that transforms the way businesses of every size and industry sector collect data, share it across the organization and learn from everyday operations. When Canvas needed to provide content, onboarding, and learning content to help enable its partners worldwide, they deployed TidWiT Exterprise. Helping launch instances to numerous Canvas partners worldwide, TidWiT has increased Canvas’ conversion rates, pull-through rates, and self-service rates—all of which has helped boost sales and decrease costs.

"Empowering our partners worldwide with rich Content and Learning has proven to be a positive differentiator in a crowded marketplace. We are delighted to have partnered with TidWiT and look forward to extending the relationship to our ever expanding network."

James Quigley, Chief Executive Officer, Canvas

Empower Your Customers with Exterprise™ Learning as a Service

TidWiT's Exterprise Learning as a Service (LaaS) provides organizations with powerful e-learning publishing features, which could then be quickly and easily syndicated out to partners and end-customers. With no need to buy hardware or software, TidWiT Exterprise LaaS not only offers the solution 100% on the cloud with organizational white labeling, but also offers powerful features such as publishing SCORM online courses and assessments, videos, documents, customized certifications, commerce, community, and reporting. And if you are a partner of an existing TidWiT LaaS publisher, simply connect your instance to theirs, and in minutes you could have ALL their content and features.

"With their creative approach and technical savvy, TidWiT delivered state of the art online courses with room to build on for the future -a very cost-effective solution for our program. TidWiT really helped us arrive to the 21st century. Without their technology we wouldn't be where we are today."

Mary Margaret Callahan, Senior National Director of Programs for Pet Partners

Enlighten Your Ecosystem with Powerful Multi-tier Metrics

The TidWiT Exterprise™ platform provides organizations with detailed metrics they need to make the appropriate decisions. Organizations can now calculate access rates across channels and across different types of messages and campaigns. TidWiT allows organizations to measure Return on Investment (ROI) on their content and learning strategies with multiple measuring sticks working at multiple tiers of partners. TidWiT's additional abilities to monetize your content provides an additional boost to your ROI as previously untapped revenue is generated through the sale of content and certification.

"TidWiT's value proposition and the huge potential benefits AppDirect's ecosystem... An ISV willing to upload app related content (collaterals, product description, FAQs, customer testimonials, product training, etc.)... to push the most "up-to-date" sales enablement materials... to our Channel Providers sales teams ... A Channel Provider willing to pull ISV content and publish this content onto his core website or integrate into his marketing automation ... AppDirect automatically pulling ISV-related content from TidWiT to populate our channel marketplaces profile pages..."

Christophe Girault, Global Customer Success, AppDirect



  • TidWiT Signs Strategic Alliance with App Direct

    TidWiT and App Direct have signed a strategic alliance agreement with the goal of providing more comprehensive cloud solutions to channels. The agreement brings together to the market valuable synergies between App Direct’s leading commerce platform for selling cloud services and TidWiT’s Exterprise™, the leading content syndication and distribution platform.

    TidWiT's Social Online Learning
  • TidWiT signs Partnership with Right Source Marketing

    TidWiT and Right Source Marketing (RSM) have signed a partner agreement, aimed at providing the market with RSM’s world class content creation and marketing services with TidWiT’s Exterprise™ content syndication and distribution platform. Servicing clients all over the United States, RSM hopes to take full advantage of TidWiT’s unique platform to broaden its reach.

    TidWiT's Social Online Learning
  • Socialize Your Learning

    In today's global marketplace, organizational learning is no longer an option, but increasingly becoming a competitive imperative. Learning now needs to continuously reach and engage with the entire chain of employees, suppliers, partners, and clients...

    TidWiT's Social Online Learning
  • Content, Communities and Commerce

    TidWiT brings it together. TidWiT's Social Learning Platform is a web service allowing our clients to post any type of content for selling, sharing or syndication...

    Online Courses, digital learning content
  • Instructor-Led and Online Courses

    For the past 5 years, we have been helping our clients create and publish customized content. We provide our clients this content tailored to their own needs...

    Instructor-Led and Online Courses
  • Global Experience

    TidWiT has successfully delivered training seminars worldwide. Our show up rate over the past 7 years has been 100%, with instructor assessments consistently averaging more than 88% approval rating by attendees...

    Global and Innovative Online Learning
  • Helping Provide Emergency Education

    As part of the commitment to the Lebanese Ministry of Education and to improving education in Lebanon, Virginia based TidWiT Inc. launched an Online-Learning Pilot for all Lebanese students as well as Syrian refugee students. The pilot was developed in record-setting 60 days only.

    Helping Provide Emergency Education
  • Announcing Partnership with iATS Payments

    Facilitating Digital Content Payment Solutions online for Charities and Nonprofit Organizations...

    Global and Innovative Online Learning
  • TidWiT nominated Finalist... 2013 Microsoft Excellence Awards. Microsoft Recognizes TidWiT's Outstanding Contribution in the Innovation Category.

    Tidwit Microsoft Partner Awards
  • DevLearn Winners!

    TidWiT is proud to announce winning Devlearn 2012's Demofest prize for the category of Best Social Learning course solution.

    Devlearn 2012's Demofest Winners

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