Online Learning and Certification Assessments to Educate and Engage Your Staff and Community:

TidWiT can extend your current LMS assisting your nonprofit through our state of the art Social Learning Platform, which allows you to post and market your learning and content online in a much larger community. We provide you the service end-to-end seamlessly interfacing it within your website. Because it is all on the cloud, TidWiT's Social Learning Platform provides nonprofits with all the social learning functionality and scale you need, without the costs and headaches typically associated with on-premise solutions, such as buying hardware, software, maintenance and more. Nonprofits specifically need e-learning solutions that offer assessments and tests for certification for staff and volunteers. TidWiT has been providing these solutions to the nonprofit sector helping you create, publish, and monetize them. Through TidWiT's Social Learning Platform, your community members can now fully interact with the content, including gallery views and item detail listings; share and engage through social learning and social media functionality with community discussion tables, threads, feedback, and ratings. With TidWiT, your community members can now share their learning with others and invite them to participate in your ever-growing community. The platform provides you reporting and analytics with usage, download, and commerce reports, allowing you to have end-to-end visibility in terms of views, downloads, and purchases