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TidWiT's Digital Asset Management is a key pillar of the cloud platform. It provides a fully hosted, customized, and secure cloud service that offers clients a digital asset repository. The platform allows clients to post and host digital content such as Office documents, pdf files, jpg, online videos, and audio files. Users can download share, hyperlink, and syndicate this content on the web, on extranets, or intranets. TidWiT's Digital Asset Management provides gallery views and item detail listings with social media functionality such as feedback and ratings. The ability to do basic gallery search, or advanced Boolean searches is complemented with a hierarchical folder or category search. The system also provides reporting and analytics with usage, download, and optionally commerce reports.

With no need to purchase hardware, software, or bandwidth or any need to worry about upgrades, maintenance, or support, TidWiT's Digital Asset Management system is offered as an end-to-end cloud service. Designed as part of TidWiT's platform environment, TidWiT's Digital Asset Management provides optimal performance through load balancing, smart data access that reduces data interchange, and is fully scalable using on demand resources for peak demand. This is complemented with an ability to be fully customized and integrated with the client's website look and feel so as to give users a seamless experience- one that requires little if any training, downtime, or change management.


TidWiT's Digital Asset Management:

TidWiT's Digital Asset Management benefits include:

  • Housing Rich Content
    • A Digital Asset Management System that can house a multitude of content types including Microsoft Office documents, PDF, jpg, video, flash, audio, presentations, web pages, and many others …
    • A system that allows the capture of digital asset metadata as well as social media tags (ratings, feedback…)
  • Allowing Powerful Search and rapid Download
    • A repository which is easy to search providing visual, contextual, and Boolean search options
    • Rapid response times (both for search and download)
  • Providing Easy but Secure Access
    • A centralized Digital Asset Management System, which is secure and available on the internet, extranets, and/or intranets.
    • Multi-tier Security (HW, SW, Network, and Content)
  • Assuring smooth deployment and Seamless integration
    • An easy to deploy Digital Asset Management system that can be deployed On premise or on the Cloud
    • Seamless integration with the organization's current web site and look and feel reducing from training and change management costs
    • Enterprise level scalability for millions of pieces of content and support for 100,000's of users
    • 24/7/365 with no downtime for upgrades or maintenance

TidWiT's Digital Asset Management provides client with the following functionality:

  • Content Gallery
    • Digital Asset Catalog which displays a list of available items within the repository including a cover picture of the item, the title and access to more details (metadata)
    • Search, both simplified, hierarchical, and advanced with Boolean algorithms within the digital catalog
  • Content Item Details
    • Content Item details provide all the necessary metadata
    • Social media functionality with content ratings and feedback
    • Content syndication through hyperlinking and embedding
  • Posting Content and Approval Workflow
    • Upload digital content items in real time
    • Optional workflow approval (for upload and download)
    • Content upload process provides easy linking and embedding
  • Login and registration
    • Behind secure under a 128 bit encrypted SSL
    • Provides users such functionality as forgot username or password as well as registration through confirmation e-mail
    • Once logged in transactions are time and user stamped for reporting and auditing capabilities with username
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Site reports
    • Content piece reports
    • Admin reports
    • Commerce reports (where applicable)

Content Gallery Sample:

Content Gallery Sample

Content Item Details with Social Media Tags:

Content Item Details with Social Media Tags

Advanced Search Functionality

Advanced Search Functionality

Uploading content Functionality

Uploading content Functionality  Uploading content Functionality

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting