Ways to Implement Social Learning


" By 2014 potentially half the workforce will from Millenials… A recent survey by ASTD showed that 76% of Millenials believe that social media tools are not being used enough for education activities within organizations … "

Connors and Bingham, the New Social Learning


In today's global marketplace, organizational learning is no longer an option, but increasingly becoming a competitive imperative. No longer is it enough to simply train one's staff. Learning now needs to continuously reach and engage with the entire chain of employees, suppliers, partners, and clients. As a result, organizations today are wondering if their e-learning strategies are effective and how they can be improved. They are asking if their organizations have the tools needed to create communities of learning. And they are looking for seamless technology solutions, which can extend their learning strategy further—at a reasonable TCO and a justifiable ROI.


Organization: TidWiT was founded in 2003 and is located in Reston, VA Organization Profile: TidWiT's platform empowers organizations with social learning capabilities. Services Rendered: TidWiT's Social Learning platform is a cloud service. It helps organizations create, socialize, syndicate, and monetize their e-learning in their communities worldwide.

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Introducing the TidWiT Social Learning platform solution, which delivers the following benefits:

  • With TidWiT, organizations can now create and publish courses and curricula utilizing different types of content such as SCORM, Flash, HTML5, assessments, videos, images, pdfs, and Office documents.
  • With TidWiT, organizations can now socialize their existing e-learning and LMS (Learning Management Systems) to communities taking them to the next level. No longer is the organization limited to the reach of its walled LMS.
  • With TidWiT, an organization can even syndicate its content through its partners—be it online courses, assessments, tests, videos, or other types of content.
  • TidWiT helps organizations monetize their content by allowing them to sell online material and certifications. The entire transaction is seamless with direct deposit functionality straight to the organization's bank account.
  • TidWiT helps build and engage communities more effectively by providing ratings, discussion threads, comments, as well as extensibility to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.
  • TidWiT does it all on the cloud, with no need to buy any hardware, software, bandwidth, or have specialized IT staff. And it all seamlessly integrates within the organization's web site.

TidWiT is an innovative leader in the Social Learning space. Its cloud platform seamlessly brings together content, communities, and commerce empowering organizations with break through e-learning solutions that tear down traditional walls and help reach a wider audience of employees, customers, and partners. TidWiT is honored to serve organizations among which are Microsoft, Nextel, Delta society, USAID and the International Youth Foundation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you socialize your learning!