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TidWiT's Social Learning Platform is a web service that we offer to our clients allowing them to post any type of content on the Internet for selling, sharing or syndication. TidWiT's Social Learning Platform brings together Content, Communities, and Commerce. Please Click on any one of these tabs to get a better idea of how it works.


TidWiT's cloud platform has been built to deliver clients online web services that make it seamless and easy for an organization to deploy E-learning, Digital Content, Partner Syndication, E-commerce, and social media. TidWiT's cloud platform offers clients:

  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Security
  • Cost efficiency
  • Optimized operation
  • Enterprise Scalability
Internal Partner Training

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Through Partner Marketing
  • Organization Branding (TidWiT Web Services do it all running in the background
  • Full Integration with any Partner Sites (HTML/XML) with no coding
  • Posting any type of digital content
    • Text (White papers)
    • iPod casts
    • Videos
  • SEO and Bookmarking
  • Content Embedding (for blogs and sites)
  • Social computing (Facebook FBML)
  • You Tube (In R&D)
  • Content Rating
  • Monitored Feedback (Comments)
  • Tweeting
  • Basic Metrics
  • Customized Reports
  • Optional: User Generated Content
Platform Benefits
Content Item Page
Content Item Page
  • C&P (Click and Play)
  • Silverlight Interface
    • Chapters
    • Video
    • Complementary Content
  • Ratings
  • Social Computing
  • Metrics
  • Links to other sites
  • Partner pull option
  Basic Learning System YouTube TidWiT
Content Type SCORM Only Video All Types
SilverLight Interface Some
Adjustable Look and Feel
Web Generation Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0
Control Over Content / Community
SEO, Bookmarking, and RSS
Ent-to_end Activity Reporting some
Partner Can View Content
Partner Metrics Minimal Some Full
Partner Can Pull Content
Partner Can Republish Content Videos Only
Partner Marketing Push Incentives
Social Computing
Viral Marketing