Social Learning Training Capabilities


Over the past 7 years, TidWiT has built a solid reputation for high level executive training in technology sales and marketing. Through all these different methods, TidWiT has and continues to be committed to transferring knowledge training thousands of partners and clients worldwide. We have successfully delivered to our clients hundreds of worldwide sessions including Enterprise(EPG) accounts as well as Small and Mid-market accounts (SMSG) in several sectors such as Banking, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Manufacturing, Services, Non-Profit NGO's, and Government. Typically the profiles that have attended our sessions have included, CXOs, Technical Decision Makers (TDMs), Business Decision Makers (BDMs), Enterprise and Mid-Market Account Managers, Partner Alliance Managers (PAMs), Sales and marketing Managers, Trainers, and Solution Specialists.

Capacity Building

Our instructors are expertly trained in building capacity (Training the Trainers) in a variety of themes, a sampling of which includes such subjects as:

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy
  • Technology Exports for Economic Development
  • Infrastructure Optimization
    • Infrastructure Optimization essentials
    • Core Infrastructure Optimization - CIO
    • Business (Organizational) Productivity – BPIO
    • Application Platform Optimization – APO
  • Specific Subject Matter Technologies
    • Unified Communications
    • Search Technologies for the Enterprise
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Cloud Computing with BPOS
    • Building Scalable Data Platforms
    • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    • Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    • Virtualization
    • Desktop and Branch Computing

Instructor- Led Training

These are training sessions or packaged curricula (Standardized and Customized) tailored to meet the needs of the client and their audience in issues dealing with sales and marketing strategy and tactics. They may be delivered in English, Spanish, French, and German (with capabilities to deliver in Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Hungarian, Romanian, and Arabic). These sessions are typically case-based and highly interactive drawing out the audience. The primary content is typically complemented with simulation exercises and incisive questioning meant to liven the discussions and allow for experience sharing between the instructor and the participants.

Web-Casts or Live meetings and I-Pod Casts:

Web casts and iPod casts have become a common means utilized to transfer knowledge, particularly when the possibility of having an instructor in front of an audience is not practical (geographic restrictions, budget issues, etc …).

While this method of training does not allow for much interaction with the attendees, it is very effective as an on-demand delivery mechanism. This could be particularly relevant to sales executives that may not have the time to attend full day sessions or travel off-site for an instructor led training. Typically these sessions last between 30 to 45 minutes, and could be recorded in a series. Once produced and posted on the web, they could be accessed over the web or as in the case of an iPod cast, downloaded and played back on the ride back home.

Online Tutorials:

Online tutorials are courses that are posted on the web and accessed on demand. Unlike their Webcast counterparts, however, they have a much more interactive interface allowing for user input throughout the course as well as knowledge checks, test outs, and assessments. TidWiT complies with standards such as SCORM for these types of online tutorials.

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