Digital Transformation: Applying a holistic approach to your organization AND your ecosystem

Digital technology has transformed our society, immensely. And it continues to do so. We are right in the middle of this change and, frankly, no one knows exactly where this journey is taking us. One thing is clear: digital transformation is important. Not only does it present vast economic value, but social and human value, too. The potential of digital transformation is phenomenal.

“Digital transformation” has become a buzzword in the media. But let’s not forget or downplay its impact on society, on real people. It is changing how we form relationships and interact with each other, the way we do our grocery shopping, how we access our money, it is making cars safer to drive. Entrepreneurs are disrupting incumbent industries and business models; business leaders are optimizing and adapting existing ones. Digital transformation saves people time and creates new experiences (think Amazon Go); it democratizes and brings new value to business streams (Uber); it makes life easier for those on daily medication (PillPack), to highlight just a few examples.

Many of those grappling with concepts of digital transformation, both within the IT industry and in other areas, focus their efforts on what is viewed as an internal “problem” to be solved. They work on how to move their organization forwards on their journey of digital transformation. Cross-functional project teams are formed, possibly with external experts to advise (e.g. architects, or professors). Strategies are devised on how to move customers forward in this way. But even with that external advisor viewpoint, even if the focus is on an external customer, this work is essentially introverted. It busies itself with internal processes, technology, tools, devices and change management within an organization.

But in today’s business world organizations do not work in isolation. It’s not just about ensuring your organization is progressing on its own digital transformation journey. We need to think about digital transformation in a holistic way, and I believe that includes a digital overhaul of your ecosystem, too. Bringing together the reach of your ecosystem with a tool that can deliver content to your entire network, tailored to your needs and in real time? That is a game changer. TidWiT is already helping businesses across the globe to harness the power of their ecosystem in this way.

Why does this matter? Because ecosystems bring people together, to share knowledge and learn from each other. The TidWiT Digital Ecosystems Network connects, communicates, enables and educates. It saves time and energy that can be invested elsewhere. Our customers are in the drivers’ seat in terms of customization, delivering content, and measuring consumption and performance. This is just one example of the value digital transformation can bring when applied in a holistic way. Think of what other opportunities exist out there if we just widen our field of vision to see them.

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