On TIDWIT breaking the 100,000 user mark: finding the magic in ecosystems

Going, going … gone!!!   TIDWIT has now surpassed 100,000 active users globally, which is truly phenomenal.

A BIG, BIG, BIG thank you to the entire TIDWIT ecosystem. Much credit goes to our AWESOME customers and partners whose belief in the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network has made this huge milestone possible. And I am so proud of the creative and hard-working team at TIDWIT.

In reflecting on the past year and what it has taken to build our customer success, there are some important drivers to the rapid scaling of our ecosystem network.

First and foremost, in terms of the TIDWIT “secret formula” … Is it the cloud? Is it the partner or customer vision? The content itself? Or perhaps engineering and customer service?  To some degree, the rapid adoption of the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network is the result of all the above. The cloud has no doubt made things so much easier and ever more scalable. Partners and customers who believe in ecosystems are of course key as they invest the necessary time and resources to make them successful. Content is also key; but so is automated syndication and orchestrated distribution. And focusing on solid engineering should be highlighted to allow for easier usability, SSO, integration, automation, AI, and multi-tiering. Having a keen customer success team is yet another important active ingredient. But when I look back, there is something much more basic than all this that served as the foundation for our growth.

TIDWIT was built on the unshakable belief that alliances and partnerships are not only important but CRUCIAL to the future of successful businesses. While this may seem intuitive, it is anything but.  Many business strategists over the past two decades may have overlooked the importance of business partnerships as they were witnessing the logarithmic growth of Business to Consumer (B2C) paradigms. To some, this systematic dis-intermediation spelled the doom of partnerships. To others, it was simply not a priority. And yet counter-intuitively, most commerce around the world (some 70% of it) continued to be managed through complex global partner ecosystems. Unfortunately, traditional partnering solutions oversimplified the model to mind-numbing levels, ignoring the complex structures and requirements underneath. So, the starting point for TIDWIT was (and continues to be) the resounding philosophy that partner ecosystems are not only here to stay but growing in scale and complexity. We realized from the outset that successful partnerships depend on more than just basic tools like portals, but rather a systematic emphasis of three key tenets of partnering: Value & Respect, Cooperation & Trust, and Interconnectivity & Insight.

Partner Value & Respect: Within partner ecosystems, it describes the nature of a relationship between partners. Partners who respect and value one another will want to work with and protect one another and work towards mutual interests—all the while taking into account their respective compliance constraints or otherwise. If such a relationship exists between two partners, transforming it to a cloud-based ecosystem becomes a much easier proposition.

Partner Cooperation & Trust: is a must for partners wanting long term success. Partners who refuse to find ways to collaborate or who place barriers by imposing their proprietary systems on other partners may in fact hurt their ecosystems in the long run. Those who truly succeed are those who place trust in one another and proactively lower barriers to cooperation, oxygenating their partner relationship.

Partner Interconnectivity & Insight: is all about ecosystems of partners accepting to connect to keep one another on the same page.  The benefits of interconnectivity are clear: More effective enablement and knowledge sharing, faster time-to-market, better customer support, and real time ecosystem-wide insight. The value of this omni-directional ecosystem-wide insight cannot be overstated as provides systematic listening to the needs of partners, leading to effective actions and results. Interconnected partners on cloud ecosystems are proving to be the mostly tightly knit and respond more effectively to increasing market demands and velocity.

If all these foundational considerations are addressed, at TIDWIT we’ve always felt that big strategic challenges will be overcome, and long term sustained success will be achieved for our clients.  So, we built the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network, which through state-of-the-art technology uses a flexible and scalable ecosystem paradigm that looks to a future where partner ecosystems are empowered and incentivized to respect relationships, drive cooperation, and encourage interconnectivity and insight.  And it is by creating positive business impact, with 100,000 users strong, that TIDWIT and our customers unlock the key to the true magic of partner ecosystems.


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