“Jack, I cannot sell if my team isn’t properly enabled and in a timely manner!” exclaimed the partner.

“Rose, you know we’ve pushed a lot of knowledge on our partner portal. Why don’t you just send your people there?” answered her partner development manager, concerned by the lackluster sales.

“Do you know how many partner portals I would have to deal with to assemble one solution? Each of my vendors has a different portal, paradigms, and credentials… My guys don’t have time for all this, and won’t spend their time digging for what they need in the jungle of portal content, Jack. Look, I need all this stuff curated and pushed to my organization dynamically; because products are getting way too many launches for anyone to stay up to date manually. Can you help me do this?”

“Not sure what else I can do Rose.”


The above conversation is occurring daily all over the globe. The good news is: Resellers and partners want to sell more! They are constantly challenging their upstream vendors to provide them with all that they need. For instance, they need to enable their people to understand the products and solutions quicker. They want to expand their markets further. They want to get certified and gain deeper knowledge before everyone else. They want a shorter time to market, launching marketing campaigns and increasing pipelines. Partners want to sell! The bad news is using traditional methods, they won’t be able to do what they want, at least not to the degree they expect.

Why? Quite simply rudimentary methods are too slow and manual and offer no insight to provide collaboration or AI. Going to a partner portal, searching for and downloading collateral online, or sending engineers on a retreat somewhere to get trained and certified, or replicating a marketing campaign by doing the work all over again … simply don’t work anymore. They are too costly and slow at a time when products are being launched in time spans of weeks, if not days. One global Telco we work with literally stated that they have less than 30 minutes per WEEK to dedicate to any single digital product sold. The reason: Too many products being updated too often for anyone to keep up with. The result: Outdated information, uninformed sales execs, unprepared technical and support departments.

Truth of the matter is that Invisible but thick walls that sit between partner organization within a business ecosystem are having direct negative impact on sales and operations, and organizations are beginning to realize it. So how to overcome this ecosystem problem?

Jumping to a digital ecosystem that delivers a common platform on which all members of the ecosystem can operate seamlessly, exchange knowledge dynamically, and get shared insight with actionable AI instantly is the solution. Imagine for a minute if in the above short conversation if Jack simply replied to Rose’s request:

“No worries, give me two minutes. I am going to push from my ecosystem hub to your spoke all your sales exec microsites the latest sales material and product technical docs to share with your customers. And I will monitor the feedback by your sales team to make sure we are fully aligned.”

Or imagine if Jack could say, “don’t worry Rose, I am pushing to your ecosystem hub an entire certification curriculum to share with your technical staff via your LMS and your customers via your ECM with very little effort.

And if Rose needed to launch a marketing campaign, imagine a world where with one click, Jack could push all the components of the campaign to her, for her to curate, edit, and in turn syndicate downstream to her own ecosystem of customers.

The GREAT news is that there is no need to imagine any of the above scenarios anymore, because it can all be done through the implementation of a digital ecosystem on a DEN (Digital Ecosystem Network) such as TidWiT.

By launching a digital ecosystem on TidWiT, an organization can begin to connect seamlessly with its vendors, partners, and customers. It can share knowledge seamlessly and instantly. It can launch sales enablement, marketing, learning, and technical initiatives dynamically and with no barriers. All this will pave the way for unprecedented collaboration with an improved relationship and increased efficiency in the ecosystem—all of which will translate into faster time to market, higher sales, and reduced costs.

If you would like to learn more about how some of our customers are getting ROI of 15X and a 225% increase in ecosystem sales, contact us today: sales@tidwit.com and  start learning more about how Digital Ecosystems can be put to work for your organization.

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