Cloud Ecosystems in the Service of Total Enablement Campaigns

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Many of our ecosystem customers have been rallying lately to a TOTAL ENABLEMENT strategy that aims to reskill, upskill, and (re) certify “on-the-bench” staff through targeted campaigns—with TIDWIT ecosystems helping them do it at lightning speed and with unprecedented ROI.

As COVID-19 has millions of workers locked down in their homes, enterprise businesses are trying to take advantage of workforce optimization opportunities. They are identifying skill gaps, opportunities to grow capabilities, expanding job roles and launching new services that require certification. Their primary targets are benched service profiles, such as consultants, sales execs, technical engineers, pre-sales architects and support staff.

The key challenges we are hearing from customers implementing these initiatives are speed, scale and real-time visibility in pursuit of many objectives including:

  • Immediate and seamless interconnectivity with content providers
  • Cloud-based launches and automation
  • Engaging rich, dynamically updated content
  • Integration with existing internal enablement systems (LMS, Sales Enablement, HR, CRM)
  • Security and Compliance (keeping users within GDPR and PII boundaries)
  • Customized campaigns with different targets and segmented messaging/content
  • Certification with end-to-end voucher management automation
  • Real-time insight across the ecosystem and all workloads
  • Unfettered global scale at an SLA in excess of 99%

So how has TIDWIT been helping customers worldwide achieve these objectives?

First: Flexibility in architecture and responsiveness in design allowed TIDWIT to help them launch a cloud ecosystem instantly, integrating it with their providers in a fully automated manner. Enriched content flow has improved user experience, while provisioning it where the users already are—meaning the legacy LMS or pre-existing portals. APIs and SSO has enabled much faster integration and sped up switching on ecosystem out-of-box applications including custom learning, campaign management, and voucher management. As one of our largest global customers puts it, they “enjoy the flexibility of the platform and appreciate how nimble and responsive TIDWIT is as a valued extension of our program.”

Second: TIDWIT empowered these enterprises to organize, automate, and launch Total Enablement Week programs to rally their troops. Practically, these translate into consistent targeted campaigns that segment certain communities within an organization with customized messaging and comprehensive learning paths with courses, videos, labs, and knowledge assessments to drive their reskilling and upskilling. Automated delivery has allowed the solution to reach massive scale within a very short time frame.

Third:  TIDWIT provided guidance with clearly set goals and objectives for the Total Enablement Week campaigns. Real-time insight provided measures for the who, what, how, and why, helping them make sense of it all, while providing industry benchmarks and predictive analytics in order to improve the performance of the campaigns.

The results have been astounding. In one enterprise case, Total Enablement Week campaigns were launched within days to an ecosystem consisting of more than 20,000 benched resources. The goal was to re-skill and certify at least 5,000 people in a two-month period. With the help of TIDWIT, the enterprise was able to help reskill, upskill, and certify more than 10,000 benched resources within several months! They are now in the process of launching new campaigns to other segments.

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the way businesses manage their people, processes and customer relationships.  There has never been a better time for enterprises to re-skill, upskill, and certify their benched resources. By implementing a cloud ecosystem network like TIDWIT, organizations are instantly empowered to drive Total Enablement Campaigns at amazing speed, scale, and ROI.


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