Go-to-Market Solutions for Telco Organizations

Sell More, Churn less.

Telco’s worldwide are in the midst of transforming their businesses to the Cloud. However, syndicated apps such as Office 365 are not enough to drive adoption or customer retention. A key missing ingredient: rich content libraries to complement and increase app usage.

The Full Customer Journey

TidWiT offers a content syndication solution, allowing Telco partners to easily pull rich content from multiple publishers and push it downstream to customers. Deploying a TidWiT instance literally takes minutes and immediately provides your Telco with its very own branded environment hosting thousands of pieces of rich content. Uploading and pushing your own content libraries seamlessly is just as easy.

The more your users find reason to use and integrate into your services, the more customer loyalty and revenue stickiness you will achieve.

Increase customer engagement

Boost customer engagement with seamless contact methods. Provide automatic content posts to sales execs’ Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook or launch an automated newsletter, and link this content with a Skype-Me-Button for immediate sales support.

Sell more, Churn less – with the help of TidWiT

With TidWiT, deliver the full Customer Journey to your customer: From Marketing to Sales Channel Enablement to Training & Learning, Onboarding, and Support.


Boost your marketing. Create fully dynamic portals rich with curated content from your industry’s top vendors in minutes. Distribute content to your multiple segments and orchestrate the delivery into your marketing automation tools. Automate the content push through social media, and obtain specific Marketing ROI from your multiple channels.

Sales Channel Enablement

Turn your sales Execs into marketing channels. Create Microsites for Sales Execs in seconds, dynamically centralize the update of content, and boost customer engagement with seamless contact methods. Provide automatic content posts to Sales Execs’ Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles. Feed leads into organization’s CRM and get detailed insight and metrics on effectiveness.

Training & Learning

Instantly up your team’s game. Deliver the latest learning to your sales teams and channel partners. Syndicate learning assets from disparate providers and get dynamic updates to courses, tutorials, and assessments. Deliver Learning as a Service and monetize with partners and customers. And get detailed completion metrics and certification records.


Convert More. Enrich your marketplace with dynamically updated content from multiple ISVs and vendors. Expand the type of content to include videos, tutorials, how-to’s. Segment content by phase of sale, role, or industry and improve the self-service experience. Acquire detailed content access metrics and match with conversions. Integrate those metrics into your CRM or MP to get full picture.


Churn Less. Provide instant support content to your sales, support teams and channel partners, as well as better self-service options for partners and customers. Monetize by offering support as a service to your enterprise customers, and get detailed multi-tier metrics of support access.

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