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Content Marketing Strategy for Business Ecosystems

Boost your go-to-market with content syndication from your preferred vendors

  • Create fully dynamic portals rich with curated content in minutes
  • Syndicate curated content from your industry’s top vendors
  • Source dynamic updates
  • Boost your online presence and SEO with rich content
  • Distribute of content to your multiple segments
  • Orchestrate the delivery into your content marketing automation tools
  • Content automation pushed through social media
  • Improve partner engagement with channel partner instance on the fly
  • Obtain specific Marketing ROI from your multiple channels
  • Track registration and access activity multi-tier

Sales Enablement for Business Ecosystems

Up your sales team’s game and increase conversions

  • Create Sales exec microsites in seconds
  • Standardize Sales team microsites
  • Dynamically centralize update of content
  • Boost customer engagement with seamless contact methods
  • Link content with Skype Me Button for immediate sales support
  • Provide automatic content posts to Sales execs Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook...
  • Launch automated publish newsletter feature for sales execs
  • Feed leads into organization’s CRM
  • Get detailed insight and metrics on effectiveness

Onboarding for Digital Ecosystems

Save money in content sourcing and enrich your marketplace pages

  • Enrich marketplace with content from multiple ISVs
  • Inject product metadata as well as rich content
  • Expand type of content to include videos, tutorials, how-to’s
  • Inject content seamlessly into marketplace
  • Improve self-service experience
  • Segment content by phase of sale, role, or industry...
  • Receive dynamic updates directly from the ISV
  • Acquire detailed content access metrics and match with conversions
  • Integrate metrics into CRM or MP

Learning for Business Ecosystems

Keep your ecosystem ready and on the same page

  • Deliver instant learning to your sales teams and channel partners
  • Syndicate learning assets from disparate providers
  • Streamline the process of acquiring and distributing learning content
  • Get dynamic updates to courses, tutorials, and assessments
  • Facilitate access to your users with SSO
  • Provide branded certifications for the learners
  • Deliver Learning as a Service and monetize with partners and customers
  • Get detailed completion metrics and certification records

Support for Digital Ecosystems

Provide instant support content and churn less

  • Syndicate entire knowledge repositories from your favorite ISVs
  • Save engineering time in looking for support content
  • Get automated updates from the ISVs
  • Provide better self-service options for partners and customers
  • Provide instant support content to your sales teams and channel partners
  • Monetize by offering support as a service to your enterprise customers
  • Get detailed multi-tier metrics of support access
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