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The Power of Partnerships: TIDWIT

I founded TIDWIT in 2004 connecting the ‘tidbits’ of business relationships he had seen organizations construct over time together with the “wit” of powerful knowledge systems, all aimed at driving successful outcomes.

I owe my entire career to business relationships built over decades of hard and trustworthy work. The idea was to simply provide global organizations with richer ways to form and foster these relationships and to help them spread their knowhow.

Over the next decade, TIDWIT successfully deployed impactful readiness, marketing, and support programs that achieved precisely that through disparate channels in North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. Working with a small yet dedicated team reinforced the belief in the power of partnerships and exposed the TIDWIT team to the an even more significant need: seamless distribution of knowledge within complex global ecosystems.

Realizing the opportunity, TIDWIT took another major step in 2014 by transforming itself from a services company to a cloud platform organization, which addresses business’ needs for effective ecosystem-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing. Every organization has knowledge to share, but few have effective means of distributing it across multi-workloads, multi-segments, and multi-tiers. It’s not easy, but we relished the challenge.

From humble beginnings, the TIDWIT platform has evolved to an award-winning Digital Ecosystem Network fueling global partnerships for Fortune 1000 companies and ecosystems across the world–including Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, HPE and Vodafone.

Throughout its’ history, TIDWIT has maintained an unshakable belief in the importance of highly collaborative, long-term and trustworthy relationships. Building stronger relationships and driving ecosystem success is the mission that will continue to drive even more TIDWIT innovations and network growth well into the future.

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